Cocoa of Excellence Awards Celebration

16 December 2021

Cocoa of Excellence Awards Celebration Thursday 16 December 2021 Programme!

Cocoa of Excellence is excited to share the first details of the programme for the virtual celebrations of the 2021 Edition Cocoa of Excellence Awards on Thursday 16 December 2021!  
Please note that all timings are Central European Time (CET).  Check the schedule for your location. The Ceremony will open at 9:00 with introductory presentations and close at 19:00.  
The Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards will be announced region by region at the following CET times.     
10:00 – Awards – ASIA & PACIFIC   12:00 – Awards – AFRICA   17:00 – Awards – SOUTH AMERICA   18:00 – Awards – CENTRAL AMERICA & CARIBBEAN    
We are organising a range of information sessions and other celebrations throughout the day so stay tuned for more details.    

REGISTRATION – Information on how to register will be announced soon. The Celebration will be held on a virtual platform – all login details will be provided when you register.